About us


I lived and seen many since 1879, from the time we exist: the good, the bad as well. The successes have made us glad, from the mistakes we learned. If anybody would like to know the secret of the 136 years of activity, I believe that I could tell them that we owe it to our unstoppable desire to progress.

We bring homage to the work full of dedication of our ancestors, keeping in every product of ours a fragment of the past. Our most precious legacy is the 140 years old cooking book, which is placed even today at the foundation of our preparations, keeper of tradition.


We consider that the ingredients absolutely necessary for the success are the constant evolution, research and the study. The care for the quality of the products determines us to purchase only meat from the best animal breeders and use the best condiments. Thus, we wish to contribute to a healthy food, offering you only healthy products and an irreproachable quality.

We reward your trust awarded for the continuous care for the quality of our preparations!

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